Dave Mattson TBD Maureen Dwyer Mike Weum  
(CT, RI, MA, ME, VT, NH) (NM) (MI and OH) (MN, SD and ND)  
davemattson38@comcast.net dwyermk2@aol.com weum1@aol.com
(603) 491-6430 cell   (248) 797-5808 cell (612) 889-3098 cell
Steve Mordecai John Brandner Chet Naramore Sales Associate:
(WV, KY, TN and MS) (CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, CO, UT, WY, MT and ID) (VA, NC, SC, GA and AL) Joe McCartan
stevemordecai@aol.com  john@brandnersbrands.com  chetnaramore@gmail.com joe.mccartan@hotmail.com
(615) 927-3113 cell (650) 281-4596 cell (704) 560-3785 cell (612) 859-9293 cell
Jim Ferris Jim McLaughlin Michael Finlayson Bill Reisack
(IL, IN, WI, MO, KS, NE and IA) (DC, PA, DE, MD, NY  and NJ) (Florida) (OK, LA, AR and TX)
jim@ggbrands.net corpsports@comcast.net finlaysonmarketing@gmail.com bill@reisack.com
(630) 235-9583 cell (610) 306-2863 cell (727) 492-8326 cell/office (281) 493-1840 office
Sales Associates:
Steve May
(832) 969-3511 cell
Julia MacDonald-Ward
(871) 903-4843 cell
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